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Welcome to the Asili Museum Research & Development Inst. located in the urban-city neighborhood of Walnut Hills. Through our research of cultural dynamics, we bring knowledge and healing of Indigenous African heritage and genealogy directly to the "Hood." We conduct research that examines various aspects of Indigenous culture and heritage. Our research is transmitted through training and dissemination involving Indigenous African populations, particularly African Americans. Global Indigenous artifacts and concepts are developed into exhibits, programs, and events that culturally ground individuals with a more thorough understanding of heritage and genealogy. We remove non-indigenous imposed constructs of race and law, and thus autonomously examine cultural tenants of psychology, spirituality, health, economics, etc., Our research is important because it aligns our patrons with values and standards that speak directly to their indigenous origins. Asili's displays expose our patrons to Indigenous constructs that provoke critical thinking regarding culturally normal and acceptable behavior, and character building. 

The Asili Museum Research & Development Inst. is a culturally friendly environment that provokes critical thinking and dialogue. Our facility is inspiring, motivating, and empowering.  It is a synergy space that naturally nurtures and heals through Indigenous African psychology and spirituality. The Asili Museum Research & Development Inst. is dedicated to reminding Indigenous people of their great past, and also to preparing them to make an even greater future for self and community. Because our institution reflects Indigenous perspectives autonomosly, it is a familiar and SAFE environment that encourages (Self-Awareness and Freedom of Expression.) 

Our purpose is to research the dynamics of culture and how it relates to human development among Indigenous Peoples, and also to promote cultural awareness and diversity through the display of Indigenous heritage and genealogy. 
Our mission is to provide the public with affordable exhibit displays and institutions that showcase global Indigenous culture and genealogical restoration. 
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